Editorial Design

Magazine, Brochure, Online Journalism

There are 3 editorial projects presenting in this page which includes online articles, magazine and branding/marketing brochures.


Boisdale Restaurants specialises in fine dining, Scottish cuisine, lize jazz, exquisite whiskies and cigars. Over the years it has grown in size and reputation to become the embassy of Highland hospitality south of the border, spread across 3 stunning London locations.

My responsiblity in this project is the online digital editorial and its print magazine design.

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Assetsure is a London-based specialist company dedicated to providing its customers with insurance products  to suit their needs. Their polices are underwritten by a number of insurers and they also have Lloyd’s of London cover holder status.

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Van Loon Sport


Van Loon Sport is an independent studio committed to designing the future of skiwear. With design HQ in London and a studio in the Swiss Alps. This brochure was designed in German that targets at  the Swiss market.

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