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Qualie is an online, self-service, video-driven platform that blends the insight and thinking of qual research with the culture and efficiencies of modern agile processes. Qualie allows you to build your marketing offers closer to the market, with more feedback from consumers and more time for iterations and optimisation.

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Project Creator

1. Upload the initiatives to be tested

2. Set up the marketing strategy

3. Choose the Target Audience (customers/users)

4. Collect user data from Qualie's panel partner or your database

1. Guiding by video explainer

2. Recording video response

3. Reacting and interacting with the marketing materials

4. Reviewing other participants' video feedback

5. Indicating the degree of engagement via thermometer

6. Giving a rating for other participants

Qualitative report

fig. feeback from the market

fig. Percetage of emtional response

fig. Distilled market keywords

fig. Qualitative Analysis