Water and Dreams

Creative Direction, Street Art, UI/UX

This project is implementing by the creative team 'WaterLinks'. Water Links’ mission is to design, facilitate and curate temporary cross-media art exhibitions along urban waterways in London, the UK and beyond. The objective is to create outstanding artistic and technological experiences that celebrate connections between pedestrians and canals through different artistic mediums. The WaterLinks team will always ensure that activities work to enhance public space while accommodating current users of the waterway throughout any public art exhibition to minimise disruption.

The Programme By WaterLinks Team

Jean-Baptiste : Head of Operations and Marketing
Elena Gardelli : Program Designer
Christopher Hsueh : Canvas / Platforms and Communications Design



Water and Dreams in an open competition for artists from cross media backgrounds to create outstanding artistic and technological experiences across different artistic mediums.

We have sourced and designed 9 unique canvases along Regents Canal and any one of these canvases can be yours.


Art Platform

Water and Dreams will be the theme for our 1st Exhibition. The team will design and develop 9 relevant canvases / platforms / sites across a section of Regents Canal between Angel and Hoxton. 

Although the exhibition will run over night and day, the projections and electronic components will be enhanced after nightfall.

Curatorial Board

1st Exhibition
The Water Links design team and a TBC Goldsmiths guest curator will form the four people Curatorial Board of the “Water and Dreams” exhibition. The team’s expertise across art, design, events, marketing and project management will ensure the successful delivery of this first exhibition. Our role will also be to ensure thematic consistency across all selected spaces, artists and artistic creations. We will be on hand for artists and suppliers throughout the process to ensure their needs and questions are met.

The Legacy
For the following years, in order to ensure the exhibition consistently takes new and innovative directions, only 1 person from the original team will remain on the board. We would invite two artists from the Water and Dreams Exhibition to replace the other three people.

Furthermore, in the spirit of open innovation and attempting to continually pushing the theme, the initial team will invite 2 additional members to join the board through a public invitation. While all will be able to apply, the Water and Dreams design team and Water Links advisory board will be looking for partners with curatorial expertise within the realms of public art.


Briefed within the “Water and Dreams” theme, artists from cross media backgrounds will be invited to pitch their ideas for the chance to be commissioned for one of the canal sites.

Artists wishing to develop artwork for a particular canvas will submit a detailed application through our dedicated online platform.

A panel of curatorial judges will review all submissions and select 1 winning artist per canvas. The public will also be able to cast their votes and these will be factored into the final decision. The public and the curatorial board’s vote will each count towards 50% of the final choice.

Each winning artist will be provided a fund to cover for all material costs associated with their work + a fixed fee for their time.  Winning artists will also be invited to a launch event where they will meet with the commissioning and curatorial team to develop ways in which each of their individual pieces can complement / work with the other artists’ pieces in order to ensure consistency across the exhibition.